Fighting for the Health, Education, & Financial Stability of Every Person in the Franklin County Area

Your donations help us meet our neighbors’ most basic needs.

In 2022, we supported:

52 Nonprofits &

50,000+ People

… and 100% of donations stayed in Franklin County

Your community needs you.

Homelessness in Franklin County, MO

To fully fund every approved nonprofit in the Franklin County area, we need to raise $1.6 million.

We’ve made it easy for you to give confidently and responsibly. There are lots of great programs in our area, but are they using your donations wisely?

  • We evaluate local nonprofit organizations each year
  • We raise funds to support the qualified organizations
  • We hold them to high standards

Let the United Way do the hard work for you. Nonprofits must apply for funding each year, and prove that they’re using your money responsibly. We make sure your dollars are truly going to the needs of the people in our community.

1 in 3 Franklin County Area residents used United Way services in 2022.

Without your help, our next-door neighbors’ most basic needs are going unmet. Here are some of the areas where your dollars make an impact.

But no one should have to wonder if their hard-earned dollars are being spent with integrity.

new shoes

We get it. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of your money, and we’re here to fight alongside you so that our community can thrive.

That’s why 87¢ of every dollar we receive gets put straight into Franklin County area nonprofits. We operate as lean as possible, with only 13% of the funds we raise used for administration.

Bottom line: 100% of every dollar donated to the Franklin County Area United Way (FCAUW) stays in the Franklin County area.

United, we can end the health, education, and financial crises of our neighbors. Join the United Way, and help us fully fund every approved nonprofit in the Franklin County area.

Here's how you can take action today:

thriving community

Be the reason your
community is thriving

Thoughts from the Community

“We feel incredibly fortunate to live in a community like Franklin County that has so many services available to provide support to our son, and others with additional needs, throughout his entire life.”
— Jill Berron

United we fight. United we win.

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