A History Of Caring

The Franklin County Area United Way has been improving lives for over 60 years by allocating funds to agencies and programs that provide health and human services in four areas:

  1. Strengthening Families
  2. Nurturing and Protecting Children
  3. Assisting the Elderly and Disabled
  4. Providing Emergency Assistance

In 1953, Henry Hartbauer suggested that a united charities organization be formed to combine the various annual fund drives being conducted around Washington into one well-organized campaign.  They called this organization Washington Community Chest.  The first fund drive was held with a goal of $20,000 to support eight charities:  Boy Scouts, American Red Cross, Supervised Playground (now called Camp Washington), Washington Welfare Council (now called Washington Emergency Relief Fund), Salvation Army, American Cancer Society and Washington Child Welfare.

In 1957 the name was changed to United Fund, Inc.  It remained the United Fund for 42 years.  A few years after United Fund entered into a partnership with the United Way of Greater St. Louis in 1995, the name was changed to Washington Area United Way.  In 2001, due to increased support going out to other communities county-wide, the name changed a final time to Franklin County Area United Way.  Services are provided to people who live within the school districts of Franklin County.

The partnership with United Way of Greater St. Louis allows FCAUW to operate as an independent entity and determine which agencies would be funded and how much funding each receive.